5K nails!

Mom and I are running in the Race the Roof 5K tomorrow to benefit Habitat for Humanity – it’s a little annoying to pay people to run, but knowing the money is going to a good cause makes it okay. In anticipation, I decided to paint my nails a festive, sparkly orange – a color I haven’t used in a long time (I bought it to wear to the basketball game Drew and I went to over a year ago to support the Illini). I paired it with a light coat of coppery glitter to ease the brightness of the orange and I think it turned out really pretty!

That’s Sally Hansen’s Crushed and Traffic-Stopper Copper by OPI.

Dessert? What’s this dessert of which you speak?

I’m still trying to keep desserts out of the house in an attempt to lose a few more pounds, but when Drew brought home a loaf of homemade bread from a co-worker, I had no choice but to make a bread pudding with it. (Homemade bread seems to go stale a lot faster than storebought – curse you, preservatives!) The result? Blueberry Bread Pudding with Bailey’s Sauce.

And it was so good. I’ve missed dessert on a regular basis and oh, my god, this Bailey’s sauce – I just want to bathe in it! I won’t. But I want to.

Who likes mushrooms?! Lots and lots of mushrooms…

I DO, I DO! If you said the same thing, then this Mushroom and Caramelized Onion Tart is for you! I’m not actually sure why it’s considered a tart and not just a puff pastry pizza because that’s basically what it is. But who cares because it was super tasty and actually really easy to make!

After it came out of the oven, I was looking at it on the plates and could only think, “Hmm, it needs something…” So I plopped down some salad mix on top along with a little dab of dressing and it was perfect – it cut the richness of the mushrooms and the butteriness of the puff pastry. Perfect!