I’ll admit that I’m not usually a huge fan of quiche, but I decided to make an exception for this recipe because I *am* a fan of goat cheese and sweet potatoes – and I’m glad I did because this was one tasty Goat Cheese and Sweet Potato Quiche!

It takes time to make – you have to roast the sweet potatoes and onions for 20 minutes before you bake the quiche for 45-55 minutes – so definitely plan ahead. And don’t, like I did, get distracted cleaning the bathroom and let the slices of sweet potato to be used for decoration burn to a black crisp – otherwise, everything went smoothly! The crust is also a lovely surprise – none of this chilling the butter and rolling things out, you just mix everything together into a lovely soft dough and then press it into the pie plate and voila! A nice, flaky quiche crust.

Jillian happened to be over catching up on TV (Parks and Rec and Happy Endings with a side trip into some Barefoot Contessa and an introduction to the train wreck that is Bitchin’ Kitchen) and both she and Drew approved of the quiche as well!

4 thoughts on “Quiche!

  1. I love Josephine posed in the background!

    Do you think this would work for mini-quiches too? I think they would be good to freeze uncooked and then pop in the over for a tasty freshly-baked dinner. I wonder if you can even freeze uncooked quiche. That’s one for google, I think!

    • Google says you can only freeze cooked quiche, and not to try freezing uncooked quiche. I imagine that wouldn’t work too badly. You must let me know how your freezer leftovers went!

      • Yeah, that’s what I found when Googling too. I wouldn’t have thought a dairy- and cheese-based item would work well after it had been frozen but the Internet seemed to think that freezing quiche was a good idea. I’ll try to remember to keep you posted! 🙂

    • I know – she’s so cute in her bed!

      Ooh, mini-quiches would be a good idea – you could do them in various sizes of muffin tins. You’re so clever!

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