Holy cats, this is good!

When Jillian came over to watch TV on Saturday, we watched a couple of episodes of Barefoot Contessa where Ina and Jeffrey were off gallivanting around Napa Valley. Now, along with a fairly smarmy appearance by Michael Chiarello, the highlight of the episode was this gorgeous Salmon and Guacamole Sandwich. Jillian and I were glued to the television and I knew I had to make them for dinner this week.

The first time around, I turned out to be out of fake bacon and ended up over-toasting the ciabatta rolls. It was still tasty, but the second time around, with the fake bacon to add a salty, smoky crunch and the perfectly toasted ciabatta rolls making it a little easier to eat it was definitely a homerun!

Ina’s method of cooking the salmon worked perfectly each time – 2 minutes on each side and then 2 minutes in a 400-degree oven, followed by a 10-minute rest to let the juices redistribute (something I didn’t know fish needed) – and is totally my go-to method from now on. Yuuuuuuum! (Oh, but do not fall for Ina’s 6-ounce fillet rubbish – 4 ounces should be fine – we have a LOT of leftover salmon to deal with – my life is so hard! 😉

Josephine goes for walkies!

She still hasn’t summoned enough courage to venture down the stairs, but she often makes quite the fuss about wanting to go out, so we strap her into her harness, put on her leash, and let her explore the hallway to her heart’s content. Her adventures don’t often last very long – by the time I’d gotten my camera, she was already trying to lead Drew back into the apartment (sorry about the blurry photo – I’ll try again next time!):

Also, I can’t quite figure out what’s going on with the perspective in this photo, but Drew is not that tall and the door is not so hobbit-sized…