Holy cats, this is good!

When Jillian came over to watch TV on Saturday, we watched a couple of episodes of Barefoot Contessa where Ina and Jeffrey were off gallivanting around Napa Valley. Now, along with a fairly smarmy appearance by Michael Chiarello, the highlight of the episode was this gorgeous Salmon and Guacamole Sandwich. Jillian and I were glued to the television and I knew I had to make them for dinner this week.

The first time around, I turned out to be out of fake bacon and ended up over-toasting the ciabatta rolls. It was still tasty, but the second time around, with the fake bacon to add a salty, smoky crunch and the perfectly toasted ciabatta rolls making it a little easier to eat it was definitely a homerun!

Ina’s method of cooking the salmon worked perfectly each time – 2 minutes on each side and then 2 minutes in a 400-degree oven, followed by a 10-minute rest to let the juices redistribute (something I didn’t know fish needed) – and is totally my go-to method from now on. Yuuuuuuum! (Oh, but do not fall for Ina’s 6-ounce fillet rubbish – 4 ounces should be fine – we have a LOT of leftover salmon to deal with – my life is so hard! 😉


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