Saturday was a nice day for a…white wedding!

Saturday was Rachel and Scott’s wedding day!

We all piled into cars bright and early in an attempt to avoid delays due to the Illinois marathon – we made it out of town with hardly any trouble and the ride up north was uneventful:

The ceremony was lovely – Rachel looked beautiful, Scott looked handsome, and they both looked so happy together! I managed to not cry, but I did well up a bit, I’ll admit it. They’re so happy, they’re blurry! 😉

After the ceremony, it was so gorgeous out, that while the wedding party went to take their photos, we decided to take some photos ourselves since we all clean up so well:

Then it was off to the reception! The hall was beautiful, the food was delicious (and HUGE portions – seriously, I think we got an entire salmon each!), the signature cocktails tasty (the Brito Mojito and the Scott Spritzer), and the dancing copious! I did miss the bouquet toss which I was super bummed about – I’d told Rachel to send it my way – but I was so hot that I’d stepped out for some fresh air and when I came back inside, it was over. 😦 But it was still super fun and we were all excited to celebrate the start of Rachel and Scott’s married life together!

Congratulations, Rachel and Scott – we’re all so happy for the both of you! 😀