Triple Crown #2: Kirby Derby

Mom and I are two-thirds of the way to our special Triple Crown sweatshirts! Yesterday was the Kirby Derby out in Monticello and Mom and I did great! They had a great turnout for the race – between 900 and 1000 people! – and the money raised is going to build a 1-mile walking path with stretching stations around the hospital which seems like a good idea and a good cause.

There was a 5K run, a 10K run, and a 5K walk – our goal was to finish before the first 10K runner. And we were sooooo close! SO close! As we were running toward the finish line, up over the hill ahead of us appeared a 10K runner and he beat us by about a minute or so. We actually set a new personal record: 35:25 for an 11:23/mile pace! We did even better than we did at the marathon 5K! I was really proud of us – it seems to be getting easier slowly but surely. I’m sure we’ll plateau timewise soon and then we’ll have to actively work on improving our speed, but for now it feels like a big accomplishment each time.

2 thoughts on “Triple Crown #2: Kirby Derby

    • Thanks! We’re pretty darn proud of ourselves so far! Turns out that what we thought was next weekend’s 5K is actually a 5 MILE so we’ll see how that goes :-/

      Haha, yeah, I was like “Oh, we’re getting a picture with the horse!” We had to intercept a small child who ran up just as we were asking someone to take the photo, but, oh well, the small child will get over it 😉

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