I didn’t choose the Girl Scout life, the Girl Scout life chose me…

Friday night brought some fairly serious weather to the midwest – I was staying out at my parents’ house since Mom and I were going to be up early the next morning for our 5K and at 10:30pm, the tornado sirens went off. We grabbed the pets and headed to the basement for the next 15 minutes or so during which the wind really whipped up a storm! When all was clear, we headed back to bed, hoping to get at least a little sleep that night.

At 4:30 the next morning we were up and on the road to the SIU-Edwardsville campus for the Thin Mint Sprint 5K to benefit the Girl Scouts of Southern Illinois. As we got closer to our destination, we started noticing trees that seemed to have been snapped in half along with downed and bent telephone poles. We even saw one or two barns that had been destroyed during the night! By the time we arrived, noticing that the power seemed to be out all over Edwardsville, it was raining again. When we checked in, they told us that, due to storm damage and debris, the half marathon had been changed to a 10K (they would just do the 5K route twice). As the start time neared, they made another announcement – there was now too much debris on the 5K route, so they were busy remarking a new route that the 5K runners would run twice while the 10K runners would run 4 times.

It was still raining, so Mom and I waited in the car.

P to the L to the G to the S! I told Mom to look tough, but she just looks sort of uncomfortable…

There was a bit of confusion about the route once the races started – apparently, the signs that they’d put out to mark the new route blew away and the volunteers weren’t really sure where we were supposed to go either! But I think they eventually got us all sorted out.

By the time we finished, we were soaked through! It was cool but not too chilly since we were moving around. After I accidentally stepped in my first puddle, I gave up worrying about it and just splorshed my way for the rest of the race. When we’d started, we said to ourselves “Well, we won’t be setting any personal bests today, it’s just for fun.” But sure enough, when they posted the results this morning…we set new personal bests! Mom left me behind and finished in 33:17 which is a 10:44/mile pace and came third in her age category and I finished in 33:29 which is a 10:48/mile pace! Woo hoo!

2 thoughts on “I didn’t choose the Girl Scout life, the Girl Scout life chose me…

    • I know! This year will be 10 years since I was there the second time, so it’s been, what, 13 years since I was there with you?! Wow, now I feel really old…

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