I made a pie!

For all my baking, pies are definitely not my specialty – I hardly ever make them! But when Kate invited us to a Memorial Day barbecue at their place, I decided the time was right – right for a Strawberry-Orange-Rhubarb Pie. And it was sooooo good!

We managed to polish off about half of the pie at the party and then Drew and I ate the rest of it the next day. It was sweet but not too sweet and a little tart but not too tart and the filling was lovely and jammy, not runny. The crust, which was a butter crust made in the food processor (my usual go-to crust is a Crisco crust made by hand), was perfect – sweet, flaky, tender. I added some turbinado sugar on top of the egg wash which gave it a nice extra sweet crunch. Yum!


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