Who knew people from Bement were so speedy?!

I’m behind and getting caught up!

Two, wait…three Saturdays ago, Mom and I headed out to Bement to run in the Bement Old Glory Days 5K. It was a fairly small group, compared to the races we’ve been doing – they didn’t even have chip timing, just a bunch of guys at the finish line with stop watches! We all lined up, ready to go, the guy in charge said “On your marks,” everyone took a very professional-looking starting posture, Mom and I said “What the–” and we were off! And when I say off, I mean off – people were sprinting away from the start line. We kept to our usual pace – “We’ll catch up to them, they’ll get tired, you’ll see,” I said. Except we only passed two people! Who knew!

The course was very nice – flat and scenic – but the day ended up being hotter than I’d anticipated when I got up, so I was a bit overdressed which I think really affected my time. We were much slower than we’ve been the last few times. I can’t actually tell you what our time was because they haven’t posted our times yet, but I think it was maybe around 37 minutes or so? So not terrible for us, but not as good as we’ve been doing. But Mom still came second in her age group – I just have to stick with running for 30 more years and then I’ll start getting medals!


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