Death for Five Voices…oooooOOOOOOOOooooo!

I don’t know if it really came across there, but that was meant to be a spooky sort of ghost noise in the post title. Just go with it.

So last Sunday, the UWO Early Music Ensemble (the recorder quartet that I play in) got together for a Movie Night to eat tasty food and watch a documentary on Carlo Gesualdo. Actually, I’m going to go ahead and say that it was a “documentary” because dear, old Werner Herzog definitely took some wacky liberties here – not that Gesualdo wasn’t a super crazy guy, but Werner really took it to the next level. In the words of Jason Mantzoukas, this movie was bonkers. Any description I give you won’t do it justice whatsoever, but I think if you have a quick Google around, you can probably track it down on a website that rhymes with Shoe…Lube, I guess?

But it’s a fun group of folks (the flute professor and fellow Star Wars Minute fan who plays alto; a pre-med pianist who plays tenor; an oboist who plays the soprano; and yours truly floundering around on bass) and we were joined by Drew and one of the vocal professors. We had lentil sloppy joes, a butternut pasta, a spicy corn dip, and pumpkin blondies (yes, I’m a basic bitch and love my pumpkin baked goods in the fall).

And I just realized that I kept putting off taking a picture of the blondes and now it’s too late – they’re all gone! Well, just use your imaginations…

I was actually a little disappointed in how these turned out – they were dense and fudge in texture, like a brownie, but obviously had the (very strong) flavor of pumpkin. Turns out I like my pumpkin items not so…moist (I probably could have baked them a skosh longer. I also put in pecans and I definitely wish I hadn’t – nuts have no place in baked goods. There. I said it. I’d say it again if I had to. So a bit of a bust if you ask me, but I think people enjoyed them. I was trying to resist, but I may just have to go back to Paula Deen’s pumpkin bars – they may be racist, but they’re soooooo tasty! 😦


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