This is me.

This is my blog.

My Blank Page is just about me and my life which may or may not include books, knitting, haircuts, writing progress (or lack thereof), baking, and anything else that happens to cross my mind at any given moment…

11 thoughts on “About

  1. Hi-
    I found your blog while researching info on gingerbread houses. Your Fallingwater house was incredible! Did you publish pics of the final product with all the decorations? What candies did you use for the windows? I’m doing an Eichler house – lots of windows!!

  2. Anne,

    This site is wonderful. I am still on the waiting list at the library for Mockingjay, but was tempted to click on the spoiler. Thanks Anne.

    Evan Smith

  3. Hello Anne,

    Came across your blog while reading up on Sherlock Holmes. I was interested in following the line of Holmes’ relationship with Milverton’s housemaid. Was Holmes’ anything other than a ‘gentleman’ with her. Aah! for all those details….

  4. Not that the woes of a completely unknown reader probably have much power to move you, but I’m feeling very Baring-Gould deprived now. And at the same time, very hesitant to actually wade through his descriptions of the weather for myself. Do you think you might ever take back up your commentary on the commentary on Sherlock Holmes? Or do I just need rewatch the BBC Sherlock a couple hundred more times to console myself?

    • Oh, no! I’m sorry to have contributed to your Baring-Gould withdrawal! I’m hoping to return to it one day – my fingers are crossed for sooner rather than later! I’ve really let my blog get awayfrome overall – not that I’m happy about it. I fully intend to get back to it soon and that in muses my Sherlock project! I would recommend frequent doses of Holmes and co. in any and all forms (BBC, Granada, Russian) for immediate symptoms, but do stay tuned here – I haven’t given up hope yet! 🙂

      • All right, then I won’t either. And after such a profuse apology, I will also forgive you (magnanimously, mind) for bringing the life-changing currents of Holmesian scholarship to my attention only to let them slide away into the gloom again, hidden for the present behind the covers of books that (for all my interest in the Holmes bits of your blog) I will probably never open. I will live instead in hope of one day logging on and seeing another instance of editorial snarkiness hung out for me to see without any trouble. And I suppose I finally will try the Russian series out. Thanks! (:

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