Saturday was a nice day for a…white wedding!

Saturday was Rachel and Scott’s wedding day!

We all piled into cars bright and early in an attempt to avoid delays due to the Illinois marathon – we made it out of town with hardly any trouble and the ride up north was uneventful:

The ceremony was lovely – Rachel looked beautiful, Scott looked handsome, and they both looked so happy together! I managed to not cry, but I did well up a bit, I’ll admit it. They’re so happy, they’re blurry! 😉

After the ceremony, it was so gorgeous out, that while the wedding party went to take their photos, we decided to take some photos ourselves since we all clean up so well:

Then it was off to the reception! The hall was beautiful, the food was delicious (and HUGE portions – seriously, I think we got an entire salmon each!), the signature cocktails tasty (the Brito Mojito and the Scott Spritzer), and the dancing copious! I did miss the bouquet toss which I was super bummed about – I’d told Rachel to send it my way – but I was so hot that I’d stepped out for some fresh air and when I came back inside, it was over. 😦 But it was still super fun and we were all excited to celebrate the start of Rachel and Scott’s married life together!

Congratulations, Rachel and Scott – we’re all so happy for the both of you! 😀



Subtle nails for a change!

It’s been ages since I last painted my nails! We went out last Saturday night with friends and I felt like dressing up a bit which also means fun nail polish. The trick was that I didn’t know what I was going to wear so I decided to go for something a bit neutral but also a bit sparkly:

The result was OPI’s Suzi Sells Sushi By the Seashore and Dynamic Glitter from Urban Outfitter’s.

I made sourdough bread!

Oh, and some soup. But sourdough bread! In ridiculous quantities!

The soup is garlic potato soup and is really nice and was pretty easy to put together.

But I think you’ll notice that most of that photo is taken up by my sourdough bread! I started by making my own starter which was interesting. The first recipe for a sourdough starter I tried was way too thick – more dough than starter. So that went in the bin and I tried again with a different recipe and more success. Though I think I’ll need to leave it out a bit longer to develop more of the sour flavor – the bread was lovely, but could have had a bit more of that distinctive sourdough flavor, I think.

Then it was on to actually making the bread! It’s actually fairly similar in process to the no-knead bread I made over the holidays – there’s no kneading, but there is a lot of sitting out (the first rise is 12-15 hours and the second is anywhere between 3-5, depending on how warm your kitchen is). It also makes a HUGE loaf.

I think next time I’ll half it and get a more manageable loaf. But I’ll do my best to put a dent in this one!

Happy new year!!!1!

Happy new year! We had way too much fun for our ages with our noisemakers. Kate and I had convenient noisemaker holders!

May the new year be your best yet and your worst to come!


p.s. I meant to text my Internationals but I ended up missing you all! I hope you had a fantastic new year’s!

Friends, Romans, countrymen, lend me your eyes!

Or your knowledge about eyes, if that’s easier. So, I have an astigmatism. There. I said it. I’d say it again if I had to. 😉

I sort of hate my soft contacts – they shift around every time I blink and my apparently extra proteiny eyes make them all cloudy which only barely outweighs the benefits of wearing them. And, frankly, sometimes doesn’t.

Gas permeable contacts were starting to sound pretty good, but I know a lot of people don’t like them (Jillian, I’m looking at you!) because they’re not as comfortable and…other reasons I can’t think of at the moment. And then? I stumbled across Synergeyes and they sound amazing!

Hybrid contact lenses?! The benefits of gas permeables (less shifting around, less likely to have proteins stick to them) with the comfort of soft contacts?! How can I go wrong?

But there’s probably a way that I could, so I wanted to pick the brains of all of my contact-wearing friends, especially if you have an astigmatism. Do you wear soft lenses? Hard lenses? What do you like about them? What don’t you like about them?

I have not forsaken you!

A combination of a lovely comment from a reader I don’t know and hitting the manic upswing part of my Effexor withdrawal symptoms have inspired me to get back in the saddle. Well, I’ve wanted to for a long, long time – I’ve missed writing my blog! – but I just wasn’t able to work up the motivation and effort it took to be witty here. But, and fingers crossed that it lasts, I’m back now! I have

  • Movie reviews to catch up with
  • A new season of television to share with you
  • Pictures of my shoes that I’m thinking I’ll share with you as an easy way to keep my momentum up
  • A return of the Sherlock Holmes Book Club (though I’m thinking I’ll scale things back to a story per month at least at first – a story a week may have been a little ambitious
  • The return of food posts (only one for now, but I’m about to finish the last frozen dinner in my kitchen and I’m planning a truly epic housewarming/costume party menu, so there should gradually be food posted here again)

I’m going to schedule these first catching-up posts out to post one or two a day so you’re not overwhelmed with a zillion posts to wade through all at once. Off we go!

Meh, fun enough…

It’s a Pirates movie. You pretty much know what to expect by now. The problem with that is that, honestly, a lot of the swash has gone out of the buckle at this point. Johnny Depp in eyeliner is always pretty to look at and Geoffrey Rush is clearly still having loads of fun playing Barbosa. Ian McShane has really come into his own playing bad guys lately, but poor Penelope Cruz seems a little out of place here.

Big set action pieces abound and Blackbeard’s ship is pretty cool, but the movie is weighed down with a pretty flimsy mermaid subplot that could have been a lot better.

But it’s a fun enough way to spend a couple of hours on a hot sunny day – just don’t expect it to have the same fun and sparkle that the first one did (not that any of the sequels have even come close to it, so I don’t know why I’d expect you to expect it)…

Summer blockbuster tally = 10-2-0

Sorting myself out finally!

Oh, my goodness, faithful readers, I have really let my bloggers’ ennui get the better of me this time! I’ve just been very busy this month (as you’ll soon find out) and have temporarily abandoned you. But that’s about to change! I’ve put on Shaun of the Dead and and curled up with the cats on my new sofa (more on that soon!) and I’m ready to type my brains out.

Uh, but I have a feeling that the Sherlock Holmes Book Club is on hiatus until further notice. I promise I’ll finish that project, I just need some time off from it for a little bit to get excited about it again.


So behind! I blame Suzanne Collins. I promise to catch up soon! I’ve got book reviews, movie reviews, and even a spider story that I need to share with you all.


Why, oh, why am I unable to properly cook linguine?!

Soooo, I came home from work today, fully prepared to get back to my treadmilling (Attn: Murderers, now’s your chance.). What did I do instead? I ate a cupcake and took a nap.

And then I woke up, dragged myself into the kitchen, and made a dinner full of heavy cream and undercooked pasta, aka smoked salmon, vodka, and pea pasta (I’m not linking you to it because that kind of backfired last time I didn’t like a recipe…). (Seriously, murderers, I’m not going anywhere fast for long at this rate.)

I’m not entirely convinced that the smoked salmon I used worked as a cooked ingredient – it kind of dried out – but it’s possible that I chose the wrong/low quality kind because, frankly, it smelled a little bit of hot tires which I’m thinking is not the expected/desired result. Really not worth the fish guilt. But it looks pretty, right?

Right. And I’m totally getting back on the treadmill tomorrow (or maybe Wednesday – I was on it yesterday, I swear!)…

Dagblannit newfangled intarwebz!

Okay. I hate Facebook with the fire of a thousand suns. I like the idea of Twitter, but tend to get easily confused by all the #’s and @’s. So can somebody explain tumblr to me?

I think it’s calling itself microblogging – seems like a combination of Twitter and blogging, but I have a blog; why do I need a tumblr account?

/showing my age

You asked for it…

It is with some trepidation that I’m finally posting this for you, but Janis requested the updated version and who am I to disappoint? So, without further ado:

What we looked like in 1986...

...and what we look like in 2010.

Not an exact recreation (I prefer the original one – apparently it’s done by a photographer who’s a portraiture legend [my mom likens it to having a Rembrandt hanging in our hallway]), but not as horrific as I was imagining it could be.

I’m offically unpacked!

So…do you remember this? Well, after stacking things every possible place that I could think of (on top of books, in front of books, adding a free-standing bookcase), I managed to get those 25 boxes down to 5 boxes. Skip to six months later, when my dad has obligingly built me a set of bookshelves in my living room to hold my DVDs and allow me to tidy up my books! Behold and rejoice! A grainy photo from my Edward! (I can’t help it, it’s dark in here.)

I can now see all my books (I still can’t find them because I haven’t decided how best to organize them – suggestions? All alphabetical, by section and then alphabetically, by color? And this means that my living room is verging on finished – just waiting for the wallpaper and the new furniture I bought (two of these:

and a loveseat – no photo, I’m afraid, but it’s just a beige loveseat, I’m sure you can picture that). The only sad part is that I have to get rid of my current furniture. Here are Arthur and Josephine enjoying the couch:

I’m not ready to talk about the chair moving on to greener pastures… I’m busy scheduling out our final days together so that they each get equal quality time with me.

p.s. – I hate to knock the lovely RDJ from the top of my blog, especially to replace him with such a poor quality photo, but it must be done! I hope you all had good new year’s celebrations and that 2010 is off to a good start!