So after conquering my first Monkees song, I set my sights on something a little bit easier.

Now I just have to get myself an awesome 80s outfit like Pat’s rockin’ in that video, find myself a sleazy girlie club owner to play my bass at, and I’m good to go!

*That was my plan, but it turns out that Pat is, to quote Kathy Griffin quoting Cher, ‘a crazy bitch.’ And by ‘crazy,’ I really mean ‘tricky.’ And by ‘Pat,’ I really mean ‘her bassist.’

Because I had the bass line down and was like ‘Yeah, I’m awesome. That’s me pretty much.’ and then out of nowhere it dives down to this growly, super-low note! What the what?! So I called up my dad and said ‘Uh, Dad, Pat Benatar is wanting me to play a note that does not seem to exist on my guitar – should I open up a wormhole and travel to another dimension in which a D is actually not lower then an E and thus not too low for me to play?’ And then he explained that often times, guitarists retune their lowest string (E) to D. Just for the hell of it (and to screw with newbie bassists). And when I say ‘for the hell of it,’ I really mean ‘to enable themselves to play lower notes than they usually can’. So I did and it totally worked.

Which was a relief – I did not want to inadvertently mess up the space-time continuum and risk coming back to a world where spiders are lobsters and have united with Dan Brown to become our overlords. Because that would NOT be cool. Not even Pat and her floozy minions could dance THAT away.**

**Sorry, I seem to have drifted off into my own head a bit far here. Please to be ignoring my ramblings…

Adventures in bass guitaring!

Guess who just learned to play her first proper song (i.e., not something called Cattle Crossing or D-Lite or, god forbid, You Go, Slav [no, I didn’t get it for a long time, either])! That’s right – it’s me!

This afternoon I learned ‘Randy Scouse Git’ by none other than The Monkees* (I know, it’s another baffling title, but it’s a very catchy song!). I feel very cool and proud of myself.

Um, I know there’s no one playing bass in that video, but it’s in there nonetheless – and my teacher says that it’s a fretless one, too, just like mine!

*Yes, I think the Monkees are super-cool and, no, I’m not ashamed of that fact.  Well, only a little ashamed.