Happy tippy-tappy toes!

Liz and I had our second tap showcase tonight! Our class this session was much bigger than last time – we ended up with 10 people! But that meant that a little bit of the pressure was off with 9 other people for the audience to look at. We danced to Ain’t Misbehavin’ and it went really well – we all stayed together, which I think is very impressive for 10 beginning dancers. Enjoy!

We’re doing the summer tap workshop, but there won’t be a showcase for that one, so this will have to hold you over until the fall!

Tap-a, tap-a, tap-a!

I mentioned it just in passing a couple of posts ago, but Liz and I have been taking tap dancing lessons through the park district for the last few months. We love it! And she, despite telling me that she was a terrible dancer when we signed up, is really good at it! Clearly, she was hustling me. I’m not bad, but I’m certainly no Liz. 😉

When we signed up for the class, our friends jokingly asked us if they could come to our recital – Liz and I scoffed and said “I doubt they do recitals for the adult beginner class.” The joke was on us, though!

Okay, just kidding, that’s not really us – just something to strive for! Here we are:

We’re already signed up for the next session and are really looking forward to it. We’re determined to stick with it at least until we can do this (we’ve already decided that I’m Donald O’Connor to Liz’s Gene Kelly):