I need a new tag for Lucy Knisley’s books…

It’s a 25-page account of her thoughts following a breakup with her boyfriend of five years and it made me cry. Not because it was sad (I mean, obviously, I’m sad for her), but it made me cry a little because I’m astounded at her insights. I don’t know if I’ll ever understand how some people, and she’s one of them, are able to articulate with such precision, something that happened specifically to them that is still able to encompass a larger meaning.

Gah! I can’t even articulate what I’m trying to say!

I mean, she’s talking about something very small and personal and specific, but the feelings and thoughts she’s putting on the paper are so universal. And that’s why I adore her writing, almost to the point that I can’t bear to read it! But not quite, so I will quite happily continue to devour everything she writes and draws (even if it makes me cry a little to think that I might never figure that out for myself).

You should be reading all of her other stuff, but if you want a place to start, this is only $2.00 for a digital download from her website. Trust me, you’ll be…I want to say ‘blown away’ which is true, but not the best way to say it. At any rate, go. Download. Be astounded.

My rating: A+