A couple of things…

Spoilery – if you haven’t read HPDH, then don’t click ‘more.’ Just a warning.

These are the two things that are bothering me. Everything else I loved. Snape’s story was just spot on. McGonagall = kick-ass superstar. Everyone got their one perfect moment (except for someone who I’ll be mentioning below…) and how everything came together, oh, just absolutely could not have been better. It made me laugh, it made me cry (a few times), it made me gasp…only two things kept it from being absolutely perfect. And they are:

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Okay. I don’t have a lot to say right now because I think it’s still all sort of sinking in, and I kind of feel like keeping it to myself for a while, but…it’s just about as perfect as I could have hoped for. Well done, Jo. Well done.

Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows by J.K. Rowling

My rating: A+


So. Apparently, the entire book has officially (well, technically, very UN-officially, but you know what I mean) hit the Internet. I was going to curtail my Internetting starting on Friday because of time zones, etc., but it looks like I’m down to just e-mail from now until I finish the book.

Which means that the next post here will be…OMFG POTTER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (But I’ll be good and use the ‘more’ function, so I don’t inadvertently spoil anybody…) See you some time on Saturday! 🙂

Transformers really did make me stupid!

Do you ever wonder what you’ve forgotten to make room for the really stupid trivia that you know?

For example, because I know that the dark wizard that Dumbledore disposed of before all this Voldemort nonsense was named Grindelwald, I forgot the word arbitrary.

I wonder what else I’ve forgotten… Well, as long as it’s not the…round thing we use to…dig…food, I’ll be okay. 😉

And speaking of Homer Simpson, who wants to bet me that the Simpsons movie actually has nothing to do with the trailers they’ve been showing us?

OMG Potter…but not OMG POTTER…

…which will occur next Friday.

So…back from seeing Le Potter. I have mixed feelings, which I always do because I think about all the people who are seeing these films, but haven’t read the books and that just seems so wrong because while the films are pretty good, I can’t imagine coming to them without all the knowledge of the story that they leave out. How do they fill in all the missing pieces that may not affect the plot (although some of them do) but make it such an exciting place to be and make the characters who they really are. Basically the things that are awesome in the movie are awesome in the book, but so many things that are awesome in the book are not awesome (or non-existent) in the movie. Usually I’m able to make a distinction between the film and the book, as though they were two totally unrelated things, but I had a hard time remembering to do that with this one, for some reason.

Some non-spoilery things:

  1. Helena Bonham-Carter WINS at awesomecrazy.
  2. Actually, so does Ralph Fiennes. Plus he fills out a skinny black suit just fine. Seriously, if he had a nose, I’d have a hard time resisting the dark side.
  3. Dan Radcliffe is not a good actor. I know it’s practically sacrilege to say it, but he was cute in the first two, now he’s just getting further and further away from the Harry in my head. It’s almost embarassing to watch him. I know it’s kind of harsh, but he has the millions of dollars that says I’m wrong, so I don’t feel so bad.
  4. Much love for Rupert Grint and the kid who plays Neville (Matthew…something?). Also? Luna rocks my socks. And I can’t believe she just came in at the open casting call they held – I think she’s just someone who was a fan of the books and was like ‘I understand Luna. Let me try.’ Awesome.
  5. I wanted more McGonagall because she all but throws down with Umbridge in the book. I wanted to hear her say that she would help Harry become an auror if it was the last thing she did!
  6. Alan Rickman is AWESOME. But we already knew that, didn’t we? 😉
  7. No big Quidditch death match! Really, I just wanted more Weasley twins for they are the awesomest of the awesome in the book. Their big exit into the sunset was good, but not nearly as satisfying as it is in the book.
  8. I hate cuddly!Grawp. That is NOT ON.

So I guess basically…READ THE BOOK! And now for some spoilery things (just one for now, but I may think of other things…)

ETA: Some more spoilery things below:

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a few hp thoughts…

1. LOVE the American cover. To death. UK cover, what happened, man? I used to like you best, but this is…well, ugly is really the only word for it. It’s like…I’m trying to think of something that would vomit jewelry, but nothing’s coming to mind, so I’ll just stick with the something-that-would-vomit-jewelry imagery.

2. I’m relistening to OOTP on my ipod at work and I’d forgotten that McGonagall is such a SUPERSTAR! She completely and utterly rocks. Hard. She’s all ‘oh, no, she didn’t’ with Umbridge with her ‘I will help Potter become an auror if it’s the last thing I do!’speech. OH, SUH-NAP!

3. I adore the massive Quidditch all-out, knock-down brawl with Harry and George and Malfoy. Adore it.

4. More Weasley love – how awesome is George and Fred’s exit?! They even get to ride into the sunset. But, what I really love is the description of Umbridge’s door afterwards with the outline of their brooms where they crashed through when the twins accio’d them. I can definitely picture seeing Umbridge through the holes, going about her day, trying to pretend that they’re not there. And the fact that Peeves salutes them? Awesome.

5. I forgot how much I missed Sirius. Stupid Tonks. Yes, I said it. I’d say it again if I had to.

I am filled with the awesome.

Snape debate

Finally reserved my Harry Potter book at the local Borders – also got line number 83 (I can’t believe only 82 other people have reserved it, but whatever!) – and was put on the spot about Snape – Bad Man or Trust Him…

It was a hard decision – ‘Snape is a very bad man’ is funnier, obviously, but I had to go with my insticts which are ‘Trust Snape’ Don’t let me down Snape!

Oh, Harry

Okay. Just to prove that I still am, in fact, in the HP fandom, I will now weigh in on The Title. I like it. It’s eerie and dark and leaves me with the hope that Harry will die at the end of Book 7. I’ll admit, I do share some people’s mix of anticipation and reluctance about the last book because if I don’t like it, how will it affect my, well, affection for the others, knowing how they’ll end and what happens to fandom once we’ve all read it…basically I agree with everything said.

I don’t really want it to end.

Twas the night before Harry…

So…tomorrow’s the big day! I’m starting to get excited – it’s weird, sort of, to be this excited about a book. Feels weird, anyway. But then I remember that when Dickens was serializing The Old Curiosity Shop, when it came time for the chapter that would tell whether or not Little Nell lived or died, people went and waited at the dock for the boat with the chapters on it. Which is not such a far cry from what we’re all going to be doing tomorrow night.

However, as I will be on the retail side of things, I have a feeling that tomorrow night will either re-affirm my faith in humanity or completely destroy it. But at least I’ll be in full Hermione get-up, so how bad can it be really? Right? Right.

Happy Harry Pottering, everybody! *hugs*

Le olde monstrosity…

Ding dong, le Monstrosity is dead finished! And so is my hissing Slytherin hat! Huzzah! *does the joyous ‘Xmas knitting is done’ dance*

So this project taught me my lesson about dye lots. As you can undoubtedly see, there are two different purples in the fun fur. So it’s basically a giant IOU to my mom – it became a personal challenge to finish the damn thing. I’m going to tell her I owe her something much nicer and all the same colour. Or at least purposefully different colours. But I don’t care because IT IS DONE!

p.s. – I am so talented – I can blink even when there’s no flash! I am back to my normal self in the next pic.

I like this one even if it gave me trouble, as well. Apparently, my purl stitch is MUCH looser than my knit stitch and therefore, I ended up with an elephantine hat the first time. It was honestly the hugest thing I’ve ever seen. Think dinosaurs were big? Well, they had nothing on this bloody hat. So I started over, minus 20 stitches…and it’s STILL on the big side. But I don’t really expect my friend to wear it as she already has a very cute cap that she wears, so I’ll tell her to use this as decoration somewhere. She likes HP and her initials are ‘S’, as well, so it seemed appropriate.

Swish and flick!



Sorry it’s so blurry – it’s awfully hard to get a steady picture on my digital camera. Lame! But I think I make a pretty good Hermione. Also, you can’t see, but the inside of the lapels and the hood in the back are the same maroon as the tie.