What’s a good Valentine’s Day movie to see?

Before Drew and I went out for dinner, we went out for brunch with Jillian and Steve and then caught this movie to finish up our double-date. Okay, it’s not a romantic, lovey-dovey movie, but it’s fun and exciting and predictable (but in a good way). It’s not as good as the first one, obviously (I think that one’s so good because he’s in such a limited space with only his wits and whatever resources [i.e., weapons and explosives] he can find), but it’s still good action movie fun. Bruce Willis remains likeable (despite being a Republican) and John McClane is cool as ever. This one sees him joining forces with his son and I’m hoping that the next one will be a daddy/daughter crime-fighting movie – that would be cool! There’s nothing too hard to think about here – it’s a Die Hard movie, you know what you’re going to get – but it’s a perfectly fun way to waste an afternoon.


Two birds with one stone…

I’m behind on my movie reviews! First up…The Hobbit.

I had been sooooo excited for this and then the mediocre reviews starting coming out. Dun dun duuuuun! Of course I still wanted to see for myself and, I hate to say it, but the mediocre reviews were kind of right. There are wonderful things about it, namely Martin Freeman as Bilbo – he’s fantastic, I just want to cuddle him through the whole movie. Actually all of the acting is good, but, as everyone will have said by now, Bilbo’s scene with Gollum is the highlight of the movie. I think the main problem was just the pacing – there are parts that are very exciting and just as enthralling as any of the LOTR movies, but there are parts that drag and things that got added in that I don’t think needed to be added in. I am a little bit peeved that they’re stretching out The Hobbit into three movies when they did LOTR in the same amount of film time. It’s just unnecessary and it certainly feels a little money-grubbing. Not that it’ll keep me from seeing the rest of the movies – I’m so super excited for Smaug in the next one. Oh, lovely Cucumberpatch, you were made to voice a dragon!

Then Drew and I saw Hyde Park on Hudson. And it didn’t really bowl him over and I was, frankly, a little disappointed.

We both really liked Bill Murray as FDR – he really is a very good actor (I don’t know why that always surprises everyone, myself included)! I really liked the royals (though I kept expecting the king to be played by Colin Firth every time he came on screen) and the interactions between both the king and FDR and between the king and queen and would have liked to see more of those relationships or more of the political goings-on surrounding the visit. The weak link for me was definitely Daisy. I didn’t like her and wished we could have known more about her (maybe that would have made me like her more). I didn’t buy the relationship between the two of them – I found her to be quite naive and definitely didn’t seem like someone that would challenge or even interest someone like FDR. The other women he surrounds himself with (Eleanor and his secretary, Missy) are intelligent and seem immersed in the political world, people that FDR could talk to as an equal. Maybe that’s why he gravitated toward Daisy, but the movie rushes the relationship so much that it left me just not believing it. So, yeah, kind of a meh movie, this one which was a bummer because I’d been so looking forward to it.

February movies!

I don’t like Daniel Radcliffe (he’s just so pasty – he’s a pasty tool – and I don’t mean pale when I say pasty [that would be like the milk calling the snow white], I mean that he always looks vaguely…moist), but I do like a good ghost story, so I went to see The Woman in Black, the movie based on the long-running London play based on the book. (A friend of a friend of a friend had been to see the play and, from her reports, Steve, Liz, and I were all very jealous and had a few conversations about how nice it would be to be rich enough to take an impromptu trip to London just to see it.)

It’s definitely creepy and plenty atmospheric! The fake jolts of fright definitely got me a few times and one particular actual fright COMPLETELY got me. I wasn’t thrilled with the Hollywood “happy” ending, but up until then I was satisfied with it for what it was.

Also…it turns out I HAVE actually seen the play in London – saw it with my parents when we went to London for Christmas in 1996 or so. *facepalm* I even read the plot because I remembered seeing a play called The Woman in _____, but I really thought it had been a play of the Wilkie Collins novel The Woman in White not in Black and STILL didn’t remember that I’d seen it. But there was two recurring things in the movie that gave me a moment or two of “Wait a minute…” and sure enough!

And all was right with the world…

I finally saw The Muppets on Friday – and it was everything I could have hoped for. Fun songs, great musical numbers, awareness that they’re in a movie, tons of celebrity cameos (including on particularly awesome one during a song), Kermit, Fonzie, Rowlf, Gonzo (who was responsible for one of the three funniest moments in the movie), and “Rainbow Connection.”

Go see it – do not hesitate!

p.s. – The Toy Story short that runs before it is also super cute, so don’t be late!

November movies!

I’ll be the first one to agree that The Muppet Movie should be included in this post, but my down-in-the-dumps Thanksgiving extended to getting around to seeing this even though I’ve been looking forward to it since the very first trailer. Soon, though!

I like Ben Stiller – even more when he’s not in a movie where embarrassment is the source of the humor – so I thought this would be a fun movie. And it was! It wasn’t as good as I think it could have been, but as mindless fun, it fit the bill pretty well. The comedy’s not very subtle and there are a few holes in the plot (Why did he invite along Matthew Broderick’s character?), but I’m willing to overlook those. Note: You will get sweaty palms during a few scenes, I’ll tell you that right now! 😉

October movies!

Oddly enough, I do like a good political thriller. I do, less oddly enough, reeeeeallly like George Clooney. I don’t like Ryan Gosling. I did like The Ides of March. It walks the line of falling into cliche and bad decisions, but ends up going the much more interesting route. To be fair, Ryan Gosling’s character tries to do the cliche (and stupid) thing, but circumstances, and a very clever Paul Giamatti, don’t allow him to. I don’t want to give things away, but basically mistakes are made and loyalties are questioned and morals are weighed against the greater good and to see the campaign game at work is all very interesting.