Stopping to nom the flowers!

I bought Drew flowers for graduation – I asked the lady which ones were the manliest – but Arthur, of course, assumed they were for him.


Josephine goes for walkies!

She still hasn’t summoned enough courage to venture down the stairs, but she often makes quite the fuss about wanting to go out, so we strap her into her harness, put on her leash, and let her explore the hallway to her heart’s content. Her adventures don’t often last very long – by the time I’d gotten my camera, she was already trying to lead Drew back into the apartment (sorry about the blurry photo – I’ll try again next time!):

Also, I can’t quite figure out what’s going on with the perspective in this photo, but Drew is not that tall and the door is not so hobbit-sized…

Arthur misses his boyfriend! (And Josephine is adorable.)

While Drew is away fishing in New Orleans, Arthur has spent every single possible moment asleep in his dirty laundry basket. It’s obvious that he’s pining for him!

Josephine, on the other hand, has spent every single possible moment asleep on her side of the bed (i.e., the side that was stolen by Drew). She’s so cute (even in bad lighting)!

She’s my blingy kitty!

Josephine’s latest obsession is with getting out into the hallway, so I went to PetSmart the other day to get her a halter so we could put a leash on her and take her out to explore the rest of the apartment building. So of course I had to get a set for Arthur, too. And then I saw this adorable sparkly collar and decided that Josephine just had to have it – which means I had to get a new collar for Arthur (his is just blue – there was a distinct lack of manly cat collars in his size).

We’ve been putting the halters on them for a couple of hours each day so they can get used to wearing them – Josephine, despite being unable to master using the cat door to the litter box, seems completely unfazed by the experience and we’ve already taken her on a little sojourn into the hall. All she wanted to do, it seems, was to give the other two apartment doors a sniff and then she was done.

Arthur, on the other hand, is convinced that the halter paralyzes his back legs. It doesn’t – he’s a complete drama queen. But he insists on just flopping around the apartment, meowing at both of us pathetically, the big baby.