5K nails!

Mom and I are running in the Race the Roof 5K tomorrow to benefit Habitat for Humanity – it’s a little annoying to pay people to run, but knowing the money is going to a good cause makes it okay. In anticipation, I decided to paint my nails a festive, sparkly orange – a color I haven’t used in a long time (I bought it to wear to the basketball game Drew and I went to over a year ago to support the Illini). I paired it with a light coat of coppery glitter to ease the brightness of the orange and I think it turned out really pretty!

That’s Sally Hansen’s Crushed and Traffic-Stopper Copper by OPI.


Bachelorette nails, of course!

And what does any self-respecting bachelorette party attendee need? Sparkly nails!

That’s Sally Hansen’s Rockstar Pink – which is one of my favorites! Unfortunately it doesn’t last too long and after just a couple of days peels right off. But I still love it!

Springy nails!

I was up late last night watching the basketball (both the teams I was rooting for lost – MSU and the Cinderella team, FGCU) and figured I’d multi-task by painting my nails a lovely spring color:

I went with Sally Hansen’s Deep Purple and the sparkly Sugar Plum Fairies Gone Wild by OPI.

Two new nail polishes!

I’ve been sticking with some fairly plain nails lately – I just haven’t had time to do anything fancy since it takes soooo long for the nail polish to dry! First up is (I think) Techno Girl by OPI:

This next one, Meet Me on the Star Ferry by OPI looks very dark in the bottle but comes out a sort of dusty, rosy, purpley color with lots of shine to it:

Valentine’s Day (observed) nails!

Drew and I went out to Radio Maria for dinner last night and I used it as an excuse to get dressed up which, of course, included doing my nails! I decided to go with red nails with a glittery red stripe:

That’s Sally Hansen’s Honeymoon Red and Covent Garden Market by Nails, Inc. As soon as I was finished I realized my mistake – the opposite of a red nail with a glittery red stripe is a glittery red nail with a plain red stripe, not a red nail with a vertical glittery stripe. Silly me! Well, I’ll know for next time, at least.

Good times and new nails!

Last night, Drew and I drove to the next city over to go on a double date with some friends of ours, Rachel and her fiance, Scott. We went for a lovely dinner and then out for a drink afterwards. It was really fun to get to eat some good food (crab-stuffed shrimp FTW!) and have a good chat with good friends.

And because we were going out and dressing up a tiny bit, I had to paint my nails! I decided to use my reinforcement stickers and do a homemade French tip:

It’s so hard to get a photo that shows the polish colors accurately! In person, this is a little brighter red (it’s actually the same red that was on my pinky finger in this post) – it’s Urban Outfitters’ Blood for the base and OPI’s What’s a Tire Jack? for the black French tip.

Pink ombre nails! Sort of!

I loooooove the look of ombre nails. And ombre hair – as soon as mine is grown out, I’m going ombre! I haven’t decided what color, though. Maybe pink to match my current nails!

I got the inspiration from Happy Endings (I looked for a picture, but couldn’t find one – Jane wears blue ombre nails like this in the episode where she helps Penny buy a car), but, still being in a Valentine’s Day mood, I decided to go with pink to red. In the picture, the reds on my ring finger and pinky finger do look different, but in real life, they don’t look as different as I’d hoped – I should have used my Cinnasnap which totally would have done the trick. Also, the more I look at them, I like them, but they’re not quite all in the same family – I’ll have to pick my colors more carefully next time!

From pinky to thumb, I used Blood from Urban Outfitters, Sally Hansen’s Diamond Strength in Honeymoon Red, and Techno Girl, Seeing Pink Elephants, and Let’s Plie by OPI.