You know…

…most of the time I’m glad my neighbors are quiet, but every once in a while I get to feeling a little nostalgic and, well, I miss Stompy and Shouty and Next Door Neighbor. With these neighbors, I have no good stories!

To be fair, I am fascinated with one of them mostly because I can’t figure out who lives there or what’s going on–they of the Death Fridge–but life was much more exciting a few blocks away from here…


The plot thickens…

I forgot! I came home on Friday during the presidential debates last week and Shouty was busy yelling at his television. Mostly things like ‘You’re a liar!’ ‘You just want foreign oil, stop lying!’ and the ever-popular ‘Shut up!’

It was amusing. And depressing, I suppose, but it’s nice that he’s passionate enough about politics (and I think I agree with him) to actually shout at the television about it.

ETA: I really need a ‘Neighbors’ tag, don’t I?

We have a nickname!

As I’ve said before, the doors to our apartments are very thin, which means that it’s very easy to hear, very clearly, across the hall. So, I was watching an MST3K movie on my computer and probably laughing a bit at it – not super-loudly, I don’t think, just a normal laughter-level – PLUS it was only 6pm or so, a very reasonable hour to be laughing. I was also meeting my parents for dinner and as I was locking my door, my phone rang. Now, my ringtone for my father is one of the Mozart horn concertos. I don’t know which one off the top of my head – it’s the most famous one. You’d recognise it if you heard it. So my phone rings and from my new across-the-way-neighbor’s apartment, I hear ‘SHUT UP!’

He has therefore been nicknamed ‘Shouty Bastard.’

‘Shouty’ for short.

ETA: A wrench has been thrown in my nicknaming. I met Shouty this afternoon and, not only did he introduce himself with a very good handshake, he seemed entirely too polite to be the kind of person to shout at an unknown neighbor. Judgement shall be reserved for the time being and, until further notice, he will be known as ‘Shouty?’.

Let the nicknaming commence!

I am the proud owner of two new neighbors today! So no more stories about Stompy and Catty-Corner Girl (not that there ever were stories about her, I think). 😦 I’ll have to give them new names because, despite saying hello to the boy moving in across the way and his friend helping him move in (these apartments are too small to support two people, so presumably only one of them is staying), they did not introduce themselves (and they were blocking up the driveway with the U-Haul truck, though I suppose it can be forgiven just this once). And I haven’t actually seen anyone going into Catty-Corner Girl’s apartment, but the door was open, so I’m assuming someone’s in the process of moving in…

But I will keep you posted if anyone’s behavior lends themselves to easy and obvious nicknaming!

Oh, Next Door Neighbor…

I’m in the middle of waiting for my iPod to re-sync with iTunes (Hast thou forsaken me, Hadley Jr.?!) because it (Hadley Jr.) has started to get confused about what it thinks it’s playing (e.g., it says it’s playing Coldplay, but really it’s playing Flunk [which could very well mean that it’s developed a consciousness and is passing judgement on my music selection], it says it’s playing Pretty Mary Sunlite [Scooby!] when actually it’s playing Flogging Molly, and Fiona Apple for Tilly and the Wall [it seems to prefer the ‘F’s, no?]) and Next Door Neighbor is having a music extravaganza.

He played a song that I didn’t know but I really liked and then moved on to that song that goes ‘Signed, sealed, delivered, I’M YOURS!’

And sang along. Oh, Next Door Neighbor, I love you so much more than I love Stompy.

ETA: Based on the way the floor is vibrating, I’m going to say it’s evolved from solo-karaoke to a solo dance party. You are the best next door neighbor, Next Door Neighbor.

ETA2: Hmm, the dance party has turned maudlin all of a sudden (and back to karaoke) – So Cruel and One (U2, just in case). Maybe he just had a bad breakup?

Holy fuck!

It’s 4:40 am and I’m pretty sure we just had an earthquake (that or Stompy’s really outdone himself)! Uh, I live in Illinois, so that’s not really supposed to happen, I think. Also, I hope it doesn’t happen again as my very old apartment building did not feel too sturdy during.


ETA: Yes, I know we’re on a fault line that’s supposed to be gearing up for a California-style earthquake at some point, but still!

ETA2: It was an earthquake – a 5.3 apparently (I was guessing about a 2 – obviously my internal earthquake sensor needs to be recalibrated…)!

ETA3: Okay, so the first one was revised to a 5.2 and we’ve just had a second one (‘just’ being 10:30 am-ish) that’s a 4.5. Very exciting!