I can’t get a good picture of it, but…

…I swear my hair is pink now!

I’ve always wanted super pink hair, but just haven’t even gone for it despite having had blonde, black, red, and even blue (well, highlights, but still!) hair. I thought a good way to ease into it would be to have this pretty rosy color and work my way up to hot pink. 😉


I haven’t used this tag in a LONG time, have I? Long story vaguely short, I got my hair cut yesterday. I also got it dyed. I said ‘Make me blonde!’ and I left with my hair basically just a slightly different shade to my real one.

So I went back and said ‘Make me Paris Hilton, Lady GaGa blonde!’

And I got what I wanted the first time.


It’s cute! It’s shorter in the back! I’m still not sure quite how to style it – originally, I was going for wavy – and it lasted for about two hours (until it dried) – but my hair remains stubbornly straight. I’ll figure something out.

At the very least, it’ll still look cute tomorrow!

This is…

…my rather artful way of finally remembering to tell you that I got a haircut and am once again the proud owner of my very own fringe!

Also that I have finished wrapping my Xmas pressies.