It’s a hell of a town!

Whew! Well, I’m back. What did I miss?

What I did in New York:
1. Froze
2. Discovered I can wear two pairs of jeans at once
3. Saw tops of clouds via Empire State building
4. Saw Conan O’Brian show – AND BOYTOUCHING!CONAN. very exciting.
5. Saw Statue of Liberty
6. Spent 7 hours at the Natural History museum where I learned from Harrison Ford that in 1995, scientists discovered the first planet orbiting another sun and, since then, have found about one a month!
7. Saw what felt like all of the Metropolitan Museum of Art
8. Was less impressed with the Guggenheim
9. Walked through what felt like all of Central Park
10. Saw the most beautiful pair of boots at Macy’s, but refrained from purchasing them as they only came in brown and I hardly ever wear brown.
11. Went to the Strand annex and bought what is now one of my favourite books: Stargazing by Peter Hill.
12. Learned that I CANNOT keep a suitcase under the maximum weight

…and numerous other things that I can’t remember right now.

I also have been feeling dizzy lately which cannot be good. Not spinning!dizzy, but more like I’m-on-a-boat-and-haven’t-gotten-my-sea-legs-yet!dizzy. Any ideas?