a few hp thoughts…

1. LOVE the American cover. To death. UK cover, what happened, man? I used to like you best, but this is…well, ugly is really the only word for it. It’s like…I’m trying to think of something that would vomit jewelry, but nothing’s coming to mind, so I’ll just stick with the something-that-would-vomit-jewelry imagery.

2. I’m relistening to OOTP on my ipod at work and I’d forgotten that McGonagall is such a SUPERSTAR! She completely and utterly rocks. Hard. She’s all ‘oh, no, she didn’t’ with Umbridge with her ‘I will help Potter become an auror if it’s the last thing I do!’speech. OH, SUH-NAP!

3. I adore the massive Quidditch all-out, knock-down brawl with Harry and George and Malfoy. Adore it.

4. More Weasley love – how awesome is George and Fred’s exit?! They even get to ride into the sunset. But, what I really love is the description of Umbridge’s door afterwards with the outline of their brooms where they crashed through when the twins accio’d them. I can definitely picture seeing Umbridge through the holes, going about her day, trying to pretend that they’re not there. And the fact that Peeves salutes them? Awesome.

5. I forgot how much I missed Sirius. Stupid Tonks. Yes, I said it. I’d say it again if I had to.

I am filled with the awesome.

Why, Mr. Holmes, I do declare!

So last night I ended up watching the Masterpiece Theater Sherlock Holmes (with Rupert Everett as Holmes) and now I can’t stop fantasizing daydreaming about having Sherlock Holmes push me up against the VR-bullet-ridden wall and have his sardonic way with me…

Seriously. Cannot. Stop.