A roundabout post…

…because I have lots of pictures to share! First off, Claire has declared this the Year of the Postcard, which is the best idea ever – it’s so much fun. Here are all the postcards I’ve gotten so far:

Claire also recently suggested that I buy myself a book and a bottle of wine (thanks, Claire!):

And where was this lovely picture taken? Why, my balcony, that’s where!

And what are those things around the edge of my balcony? Well, they’re plants! But, Anne, I hear you ask, don’t you have the complete opposite of a green thumb? A black thumb, if you will? Capable of killing even the most hardy of plants? Well…yes. Yes, I do. But I’m really very determined not to let anything like that happen this time. First off, we have the herbal tea garden, courtesy of my friend Cayt who sent me the cutest thing for Christmas – a little tin, The Pocket Garden Seed Collection.

The German chamomile, by the way, is a very on-the-ball kind of herb – I swear it had sprouted only a few days after I planted it. Way to go, German chamomile! Next a little pot of petunias which, no matter how nicely I ask, will not stand up (I will refrain from making the lame pop reference here – you may insert your own: __________).

Then there are more herbs – my grandmother suggested planting them in a strawberry pot, one herb per little pocket, so I did. Seems to be working fairly well so far – it’s a little tricky to water the little pockets, but… In here there are basil, chives, and Italian parsley, with a pretty flower on top for decoration:

Up next are my two favorites: my watermelon plant, Bernie and, my pride and joy, a lemon tree who has yet to be named – suggestions?

Still more herbs over here: a variety in the long pot and then the biggest dill EVAR!

Then, basically, everything I had left over, plus in the background you can see the tomato plant that I brutally murdered (none of this ‘I’m a bad gardener’ I just went ahead and killed it. Okay, not really, but…). And last, but not least, I caved in and bought one of those Topsy-Turvy tomato planters off the television – it looked like a neat idea – but I think I wanted too long and tried to plant too big of a plant in there which is how I managed to kill the first tomato plant. But I managed to get this cherry tomato plant in there – it got a little squished (although obviously, it fared better than its predecessor) and I’m not sure it actually gets enough sun there in the corner – everywhere else gets pretty much full sun all day long, so we’ll see how it goes…

And now for some wildlife!

It’s a hummingbird feeder! Um, I’m not sure if there are actually hummingbirds here in Illinois – but if there are, they’ll be here (the wild bergamot is supposed to attract them, too). And finally, one of my little helpers – except they’re not allowed on the balcony, but he was trying to help…

4 thoughts on “A roundabout post…

  1. Your balcony is totes cute, I love it! And the ‘book & wine’ pic totally reminds me of paris (bizaar I know)… Anne has a herb garden.. haha 😀 EXCELLENT! – I want one too…

  2. Hi,
    Just surfed in by accident after doing a search on “hummingbirds” and “Illinois.” There are definitely hummingbirds in Illinois – my mother gets tons of them (in northern suburb). I just put a feeder on my balcony but haven’t gotten anything yet.

    Good luck!

  3. Hey Anne! I love catching up with you this way. Your balcony looks amazing and I love your table. I have been aching for a good glass (or really bottle!) of wine. I’ve been telling lots of people about wine nights with my old roommie. Being this close to South Africa you’d think we’d have at least a few good wines here! Miss you!

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