This post is brought to you by exclamation points and the word ‘Look!’

So close! At long last, everything in it is fully functional! Look!

And yes, that IS a sprayer you see there! Look!

Now. You might have noticed that my sink is black. I know. If you had told me a year ago that I would have a black sink in my kitchen I would have laughed you right out of wherever we happened to be when you told me that. A black sink? Ridiculous! But there was a special on when I ordered the counter and this is what I could afford, so I went with it. I’m still a little wary and not entirely unconvinced that it won’t murder me in my sleep, but I think – I think – it works.

I also have found the perfect clock for my pink and green kitchen! Look!

Isn’t it super-cute? I found it here on Etsy (man, Etsy is so addictive…) – on sale, no less! And guess what it actually is – it’s a record! An Elton John record, to be specific. See? Look!

And I also got (not from Etsy, from ModCloth) a key hook – which I needed because I definitely kept losing my keys in the depths of the chaos that is currently my apartment. It, too, is super-cute and matches my entryway wall color very well. Look!

Soon, I promise there will be full photos of my finished kitchen – I’m still waiting on cupboard doors, glass to go in the cupboard doors, a little spacer to fill in the gap between the end of the cupboard and the stove, and a light fixture. And to get everything settled where I want them to go. But I’m really excited about it!

p.s. – Remember, if I wake up dead one morning, don’t trust anything the sink tells you.


3 thoughts on “This post is brought to you by exclamation points and the word ‘Look!’

  1. Impressive. Very impressive.

    Considering I was with you in the UK when the “floor” drama was unfolding – can I see a picutre of the floor?

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