All in the family…

So my dad, in addition to singing in a barbershop quartet (Four Wheel Drive – and, no, they don’t wear striped blazers) is in a trio called Stringtown Lane (guitar and miscellaneous instruments, rhythm guitar, and bass) and they were featured on the public radio station in town, WILL-FM, on a program called Live and Local to promote a gig they had this evening.

They played a few songs (including their own versions of various traditional/international folk songs, Margaritaville, and Sloop John B), discussed zombies, and my dad told a joke about Margaritaville that I think is funny but no one in the studio laughed.

I went to their gig this evening with my mom – the weather was beautiful, they had a good turnout, and sounded very good.

So go here to hear a bit of Stringtown Lane!


2 thoughts on “All in the family…

  1. I wanted to hear them but I get a message that says internet explorer cannot open this site! I will consult w/ my local computer expert (Jeff) but do you have another way?

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