It’s been a long time!

Yesterday, my parents and I went to have a family portrait taken. Needless to say, I was not entirely thrilled with this undertaking, having a rather strong aversion to being photographed and the eerie ability to blink at just the wrong moment (it took the ladies at the DMV 25 tries before they got a photo with my eyes open). Fortunately, my psychic blinking abilities were on the fritz last night which helped move things along a bit. Anyway, I only agreed (and reluctantly, at that) because the last time we had a family portrait taken, we looked like this:

Even I can’t continue to argue that it’s not time to get an updated picture… Along with that, Arthur had a vet appointment – he’s looking much happier now that it’s over with and he can relax:

That purple collar is his Good  Behavior collar – not that wearing it is a reward for good behavior – it’s one of the many soothing pheromone products that I recently bought for him. So far, so good, but only time will tell…

So we were in quite a rush yesterday evening taking Arthur to the vet and getting all done up for our photo shoot. 😉 Thank goodness I’m off from work this week and could spend the afternoon making this super-yummy pumpkin and black bean chili from Good Food, Good Wine, and a Bad Girl (I actually couldn’t find a pie pumpkin at the smaller market where my parents live, so I substituted an acorn squash – squash is squash, right?) along with buttermilk cornbread (the same recipe I made here) and honey butter.

Now back to continuing to plan our Xmas eve dinner (I’m having a little trouble nailing down a cohesive menu, but I remain optimistic that it will come together…somehow!)…

One thought on “It’s been a long time!

  1. Could that be any cuter? Little Anne is adorable! Please post the new photo. I do hope Arthur mellows out. And I am entirely ready for a bowl of chili!

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