Uh, I think I did quite a few things wrong…

…but everything still worked out!

This time around, I was foiled in my attempt to find figs. Fresh ones, that is. Dried ones are a dime a dozen – EXCEPT WHEN THOSE ARE NOWHERE TO BE FOUND, TOO, OF COURSE.

So I used dried ones. Because they deigned to be found this time. But I think this needs fresh ones – not that it’s bad, not by any means! But I had to add a glug of wine to get the moisture that the fig spread needed. And they’re a little bit on the bitter side every once in a while. Also, I’m not convinced that I didn’t burn the onions instead of caramelizing them, but…

Anything can be made better by slathering it with brie and shoving it under the broiler which results in…

fig spread, brie, and pear flatbread.

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