Film at 11:00 (Tasty, tasty film…)

The other day at lunch, Liz mentioned that when she eats strawberries, all she can think of the leftover strawberry tops is that they look like little strawberry scalps. It’s so gruesome, but it’s so true, don’t you think?

Oh, the humanity! But what did I make to accompany them? A yummy, yummy vanilla bean and bourbon Bundt cake.

Except that I have no dignity when it comes to my alcohol consumption which means that, although I couldn’t justify buying a bottle of bourbon that I would never drink, I could justify buying a bottle of Southern Comfort. So I made vanilla bean Southern Comfort Bundt cake instead. And I think it’s just as good (if not quite as classy).


5 thoughts on “Film at 11:00 (Tasty, tasty film…)

  1. Hmmm—I’m not entirely sure it’s gruesome enough. There’s not enough juice. It’s like a cheery scalping.

    Although, I do like the knife…next time, try and leave strawberry juice on the knife! I really think that would add something. 😉

    • I know – I tried for more juice, but they just weren’t cooperating. If only I’d had some miniature crime scene tape, I think I could have pulled it off. 😉

  2. The cake was really, really good, even without strawberries. I couldn’t figure out what the unusual ingredient was — now I now it was Wild Turkey. Thanks for sharing, Anne.

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