“The Adventure of the Three Students” Or, I’ll keep it short because I keep getting distracted by QI!

Aha! The Strand has finally caught up with Collier’s! They got it first this time, publishing “The Adventure of the Three Students” in June 1904 and those slowpokes over at Collier’s didn’t publish it until September 24. So well done Strand! “The Adventure of the Three Students” takes place, according to Baring-Gould,

Sounds like most of the discussion surrounding this short story is about whether or not it took place in Oxford or Cambridge and, based on that, whether Holmes went to school at Cambridge or Oxford and, surprise, surprise, there is no consensus among the Holmesians!

Holmes is quite grumpy throughout, beginning with his “ungracious acquiescence” of Soames’ case, which Ronald Knox points out, is rather out of character for Holmes. He uses this to support his theory that all of Watson’s post-Reichenbach stories are made up (NA, 1066). But he is very cruel to Watson, too!

  • “Not one of your cases, Watson–mental, not physical.” (NA, 1070)
  • When Soames fails to follow Holmes’ deductions about the pencil found in his rooms: “Watson, I have always done you an injustice. There are others.” (NA, 1070)

But! More interestingly, I think, is the theory that Watson made the entire case up in an attempt to distract Holmes from his seven percent solution! But the Holmesians say he hasn’t done a good job of it and there is much doubt about whether or not Watson is a) clever enough to pull it off and b) a good enough of an actor to pull it off.

Grrr, I’m in quite a Holmesian slump – I’m just not feeling inspired and witty about my write-ups. I’m going to be strong and carry on, though, and hope for bluer skies once we get to The Hound of the Baskervilles… Next week, it’s time for “The Adventure of the Golden Pince-Nez.”

*Most of my notes, I think, come from the New Annotated simply because I find its format easier to work through and it is, therefore, the version that I’m reading first (I’m only reading the notes in the Baring-Gould). Much of the information is doubled up, but there is some that is unique to either volume, so if you see NA, that’s the Baring-Gould edition and BG is the New Annotated. No, I’m totally kidding – it’s the other way (the logical way) round.


5 thoughts on ““The Adventure of the Three Students” Or, I’ll keep it short because I keep getting distracted by QI!

    • I know! I have blogger’s ennui at the moment… 😦 But hopefully I’ll have new furniture to blog about soon – keep your fingers crossed that Ikea doesn’t screw me over again! 🙂

  1. I’ve read every one of your Sherlock Holmes posts, and I’m very sad that there aren’t any more. Well, thanks anyways for providing such interesting reading!

    • Life got very busy around here, but I’m hoping to take this up again once things have settled down a bit – I’m determined to finish this project! Thanks for reading!

      • I’m glad to hear it! I hope things are going alright for you and that you’re not getting overwhelmed.

        Did you know that there are several people from http://www.holmesian.net (a forum) who also enjoy reading your SH blog posts?

        Anyways, these posts are great. You’re quite the Holmesian, aren’t you?My favorite parts are the “My thoughts: [LET ME SHOW YOU THEM]”.


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