Finishing off the couscous!

Well, almost. There’s about 1/3 cup left in the bag that I’ll have to figure something out for, but the Garlic Lime Shrimp and Couscous took care of most of it.

And it was actually very tasty – especially on the second day when I realized that I should put the dressing right into the couscous to give it a lot more flavor. That brightened things right up and definitely took care of that missing something from the evening before. I was very proud of myself for identifying and then fixing the problem in our leftovers!

2 thoughts on “Finishing off the couscous!

  1. I’m impressed you’re persevering with the cous cous! It’s definitely not my favourite thing! My old housemate used to love it and cooked it for us all the time, but it’s got a weird texture and flavour so I’m not a fan. Maybe if I tried your cous cous, my mind might be changed 😉

    • I can see what you mean about the texture – it can be a bit dry sometimes. And it definitely needs a lot of seasoning – the first time I made this, the couscous was way underdressed and it was just so bland! Sooo much better the next night we had it. The next time you’re over for a visit, I’ll try to win you over to couscous. 🙂

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