The trials and tribulations of being a punk-ass kid: Or, Oh, no! I swallowed part of my tongue ring!

So the title of this post pretty much sums it up. I was happily eating my Cheerios this morning when I suddenly thought ‘Hmm, what’s that scratching the roof of my mouth? Is there something grainy in my cereal? (pun not intended)’

I soon realised that I had swallowed the top ball of my tongue ring. Disaster!

Or not really. It took like five minute to run down to the local tattoo parlor and get a new one. And I even took advantage of getting a new one to get a shorter one. It’s soaking in Listerine as we speak, so soon I will have a shiny, new tongue ring.

But. Going down to my local tattoo parlor always makes me nervous because I want them to like me, but I feel like I’m not cool enough. I mean, they’re always very nice, but I do worry that they’re like ‘Wow, she has a tongue ring? Poseur!’ I’m sure they’re not, but still. I worry.

Also, now I really want another tattoo, but I can’t quite decide what. Well, I sort of have, but I haven’t decided exactly what – I think I want to get a cute ’50s pinup girl to represent my inner bad girl. Something like this:

I can see your horrified faces from here, but I think she’s cute (I know, not really a ‘bad girl,’ but still…). Plus! She’s reading a book! And it would definitely be somewhere where you couldn’t see it all the time. But like I said – I haven’t decided anything yet. I may change my mind completely! I just know I want another one…and a proper one this time. I mean, I like my word, but I’d like to have something a little more colorful.

Any of you out there have tattoos I don’t know about? (Debby, I know you have the one on your wrist, but I can’t remember if you had any others…)

2 thoughts on “The trials and tribulations of being a punk-ass kid: Or, Oh, no! I swallowed part of my tongue ring!

  1. hahahaha – cool enough for your local tat parlor, Anne you make me laugh – people like that don’t care about what’s cool to others or not – so I think it’s safe to say that they like you – just by the fact that they let you keep coming back… ;P

    I have one on my wrist you’re totes right, and another one on my back but I’m not sure whether I want to change it or remove it… cause I also want another one but I’m not sure… it’s perm u know… hahaha

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