My teeth hurt; is it because of the cold?

Today we walked to the New York public library and poked around a bit. They have an exhibition on about Yaddo which was very interesting (okay, I’ll admit that I had no idea who or what Yaddo was, so I’ll just tell you and then you can pretend you knew all along – apparently it’s sort of like an artist, author, composer, etc. retreat/commune). We didn’t stay long, though, because we had to run to Grand Central Terminal for an extraordinarily thorough tour.

We learned all sorts of things, but the only one I can remember right now is that the sky ceiling was accidentally painted upside-down and, when this mistake was pointed put to them, they insisted that it had been done on purose so that people could see the sky the way a god would see it.

Then we walked down 5th Avenue and did some window shopping and some actual shopping at…Tiffany’s! (Christina bought a very pretty necklace.) And all that was followed by 2-for-1 margaritas, so a good but tiring day.


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