All Rory, all the time!

Is what I want from the sixth series of Doctor Who, but I will settle for some Rory, all the time.

Doctor Who (Saturdays, BBC America, 8:00 CST)

We’re three episodes in and so far we’ve had the Silence, Nixon, Las Vegas, pirates, a siren, a high-stakes series-long arc, and I think I spotted an Ood in the preview for next week. It’s all been very exciting!

I’m liking Amy a lot more now that Rory’s there to balance her obnoxiousness out. Frankly, I’d be happiest if the Doctor and Rory dropped Amy back off at home and went frolicking about the universe, but if I can only have Rory WITH Amy, then I will put up with her.

Matt Smith’s not getting quite so much on my nerves the series (though his caveman brow still freaks me out a bit) and, again, Rory!

5 thoughts on “All Rory, all the time!

  1. I do love Rory. And I really am warming up to this Doctor. I do wish, though, that they’d stop passing over obviously important information. It’s like after the Doctor’s 900-and some years, he still hasn’t learned. Like, where was Amy when they lost her in that little room? What was that room and why was that child important? For a time traveler, he leaves too many loose ends.
    But overall I think the story lines have been very exciting. I did enjoy this last pirates episode. Although this episode reminded me of the “Are you my mummy?” episode from the first season–it’s super scary at first, but then once you figure out what’s going on, it isn’t. Sometimes I don’t mind that, other times it’s like a letdown. Like Scooby-Doo. There’s never really a ghost, but sometimes there should be!

    • Haha, that’s *exactly* what I used to think about Scooby Doo – just once I wanted it to be a real ghost!

      Yeah, I think they’re going to draw all that out since it’s got to do with the (presumably) series-long arc of what happened in the first ep – the preview for next week’s looked like we might be getting some more flashes from Amy on that. I guess we have to wait until she remembers enough to actually tell the Doctor about it…

    • Really?! He’s lovely and all, but if David Tennant didn’t reel you in… But I’m glad you watched for whatever reason. 😉 Now you have to go back and watch the first two eps of the season – he looks even better all done up in 60s mod style!

      Are you going to keep watching or was this viewing just a fluke?

      • Watching was just a fluke, as Kerryn had her dr who crazed friend over so they could watch it and go all crazy together – they said there wasn’t much back story so it was a good one for me to watch – and I was due for a break from study, so I did!

        I enjoyed it, so maybe I’ll just have to go and watch the others!

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