August movies!

I didn’t read the book in time (I still haven’t gotten around to it, I’m afraid), but I went to see the movie anyway and I’m glad I did – it was very good and very well acted. Funny and poignant all at the same time – a reminder that we’ve come along way, but that there’s still progress to be made.

4 thoughts on “August movies!

  1. We don’t get to see movies very often anymore, but I have to say I enjoyed the book version of Help – it was a quick read – Anne, I bet you’d have it done in an evening or possibly two! I’m waiting for Help to show up on our cable’s on-demand feature…one day I will get to visit the movie theatre again…one day…

    • You won’t lose anything by not seeing The Help on the big screen. 😉

      That’s good! I’ve been in a reading slump again lately – I thought finishing Fingersmith would get me going again, but all I want to seem to do lately is watch TV. Maybe a quick buzz through a book would turn things around (I’ve gotten slowed down again by The World Without Us which is very interesting, but the fleetingness of humanity is really not the best thing to be thinking about right before bed)!

        • I haven’t – Heather and I watched the BBC miniseries and I wasn’t extraordinarily taken with it, so I wasn’t sure I’d like the book. I’ve got Sarah Waters’ The Night Watch, though – I’m a sucker for the Blitz.

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