New TV: Wednesday

ABC are very tricky! They aired the pilots for these two shows on Wednesday and then again tonight which would be perfect timing, but, alas, they’ll actually be airing on Wednesdays, up against Glee.

Modern Family (8:00 CST, ABC)

It’s the return of Al Bundy! Kind of. We’ve got an older man married to a much-younger woman, his gay son and his partner (and their adopted baby), and, I think, his daughter and her husband and three kids. So far it’s pretty clever and actually kind of sweet (without being saccharine).

My rating: I’m intrigued!

Cougar Town (8:30 CST, ABC)

A new sitcom from Bill Lawrence (the creator of Scrubs)? Starring Courteney Cox, Busy Philipps, and Christa Miller? I’m on board! The first episode seemed pretty cute – everyone’s likable and it has a funny (and slightly surreal) sense of humor. Hopefully it’ll keep up the good work!

My rating: My TV schedule’s booked pretty closely, but I’ll make room for this one.

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