I’m offically unpacked!

So…do you remember this? Well, after stacking things every possible place that I could think of (on top of books, in front of books, adding a free-standing bookcase), I managed to get those 25 boxes down to 5 boxes. Skip to six months later, when my dad has obligingly built me a set of bookshelves in my living room to hold my DVDs and allow me to tidy up my books! Behold and rejoice! A grainy photo from my Edward! (I can’t help it, it’s dark in here.)

I can now see all my books (I still can’t find them because I haven’t decided how best to organize them – suggestions? All alphabetical, by section and then alphabetically, by color? And this means that my living room is verging on finished – just waiting for the wallpaper and the new furniture I bought (two of these:

and a loveseat – no photo, I’m afraid, but it’s just a beige loveseat, I’m sure you can picture that). The only sad part is that I have to get rid of my current furniture. Here are Arthur and Josephine enjoying the couch:

I’m not ready to talk about the chair moving on to greener pastures… I’m busy scheduling out our final days together so that they each get equal quality time with me.

p.s. – I hate to knock the lovely RDJ from the top of my blog, especially to replace him with such a poor quality photo, but it must be done! I hope you all had good new year’s celebrations and that 2010 is off to a good start!


2 thoughts on “I’m offically unpacked!

    • Thanks! And they’re surprisingly comfortable, too (or at least they were when I sat on them in the shop). Hope you find the perfect chairs soon! 🙂

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