And the yum continues!

I was heading over to Heather’s after work and before our weekly Glee gathering, so I brought along the ingredients for tonight’s dinner and made it there to share with Heather and her mom. What did I make? Spaghetti with Spinach and Herb Pesto. How can something so easy be SOOOOO tasty?! I made the pesto last night – just threw everything into the food processor and voila! I didn’t have nearly 2-3 cups of basil and the market here didn’t seem to have any flat-leaf parsley, so I made mine with the baby spinach, what basil I had, and the rest of the bunch of cilantro that I used for garnish on last night’s dinner.

Then all that was left was to make the spaghetti, poach the eggs, and toss everything together! And the result?


5 thoughts on “And the yum continues!

  1. OK how did you get perfect poached eggs? Mine always just go to stringy mush in the water… you must tecah me, or tell me the secret!

    p.s. looks yummy!

    • There are so many different ways of poaching eggs, but here’s how I do it: bring a pot of water (with a splash of vinegar) to a gentle boil, break the egg into a mug or teacup (anything that can be dipped into boiling water safely) and use it to gently slip the egg into the water. Then don’t do anything to it for about 3 minutes! I often turn the heat down so the boiling water isn’t, you know, pummeling the egg…

      Fish it out with a slotted spoon et voilá! 😉

  2. So no swirling the water before you plonk the egg in? I’ll have to try your method one day! Will let you know if I can get it to work!

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