Cracking kraken, Gromit!

Okay, there was of course neither Wallace nor Gromit in this movie, but it was too good of a post title to pass it up! So what movie am I referring to? (As if you couldn’t figure it out.)

Liz suggested it, saying that at the very least we could while away the time by admiring Sam Worthington (to which I replied that Sam Worthington didn’t really do anything for me, so she was welcome to him and I would spend my time admiring the kraken). While I wasn’t entirely sure at first, I figured I didn’t have anything better to be doing and, at the very least, you know…kraken. So I was pleasantly surprised when I found myself entertained for two hours!

Perseus is actually pretty appealing (Sam Worthington grew on me, despite, like Leonardo DiCaprio and Titanic, having to overcome his involvement in Avatar), Io is fairly badass, Jennifer Saunders Liam Neeson is noble (and, kind of hilarious), and Voldemort Ralph Fiennes is pretty creepy as Hades (and I’d say he gets the best appearance trick of all the gods – sort of a fwump! into existence in a giant cloud of black smoke and cinders [it’s cooler than I’m making it sound, I promise]), I totally want a pegasus for my very own now, and the kraken is…the kraken (i.e., made of awesome).

Actually, there was entirely not enough kraken. I mean, I could actually watch an entire movie of just the kraken, but what you see in the previews is basically as much kraken as there is in the movie. So that was pretty disappointing (again, not him, just the amount of screentime he got – he needs to get himself a better agent). We were both a little disappointed in the pacing of the film towards the end, in general. It’s basically an hour and three quarters of questing and chasing and fighting and monsters and then fifteen minutes of OMG!kraken and Hades confrontation and…the end. But overall, actually a lot more entertaining than I was expecting. So maybe go in with really low expectations and you’ll have a lot more fun?

My rating: KRAKEN!!!11!!1

p.s. – There are parts, especially the scenes at the very beginning and the fight scenes in general, where it is obvious that the filmmakers were thinking in 3D and, to be honest, I found it made me a little seasick and I had  a hard time really focusing on what was happening (we saw it in 2D – I get enough dimensions in the real world, I don’t need my escapism to have three dimensions, too).


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