Fiction: What the hell did I call this last time?

Changeless (Book #2 of the Parasol Protectorate) by Gail Carriger

But before I read all those other books…I had to finish this one. And MAN, was it hard work! Harder than I’d been expecting, considering how much I enjoyed the first one.

Really the only thing I have to say is that, despite having a new mystery to solve, the introduction of a new and intriguing character, and more steampunky gadgets and even dirigibles, things seemed to kind of plod along. Also I’m being shallow here – and not taking it into consideration for my rating – but I didn’t like the cover as much as the first one.

Basically, I think this suffers from bridge book syndrome (also a distinct lack of Professor Lyall) and am more than willing to give the third book (Blameless, out in September, I think) a read.

My rating: C+


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